Fir Oil. Abies Sibirica Oil.



Use of fir needle oil


Fir oil in medicine

Fir oil as a substanition is a part of some pharmaceutical drugs.

Fir oil in household chemicals

Is a part of various detergents, air fresheners, fragrances, etc.

Fir oil in perfumery and cosmetics

Is a part of tooth means, balms, elixirs, creams, etc.

Fir oil in an aromatherapy

Fir oil is often used in an aromatherapy for treatment of bronchitis, flu, asthma, pneumonia, diseases of an uric path, cholecystitis, diseases of a liver, a nephrolithiasis, rheumatic pains, a hyperhidrosis, etc. Before treatment by fir oil it is necessary to be convinced that it does not cause in you allergic reactions.

Fir oil is used for inhalations, bathtubs, an aromamassazh and aromalamp. Having direct effect on respiratory organs, fir oil eliminates the stagnant and inflammatory phenomena.

At arthritises and rhematoid polyarthritises it is possible to use fir oil for grindings. It will help to remove inflammatory process and will lower a pain syndrome. For bigger effect, it is recommended to warm before putting fir oil a sore joint by means of a hot compress.

Fir massage

At skin diseases, dermatitis, herpetic rashes the piece of a gauze impregnated with fir oil which is imposed directly to the place of defeat is used.

Aromamassage with use of fir oil it is shown at flu and others acute respiratory diseases.

Fir oil is successfully used for disinfecting of cuts, scratches and small burns. For disinfection apply pure oil to the place of small wounds and cuts.

For removal of pain at radiculitis, a sciatica, a miositis and other diseases of a peripheral nervous system it is possible to rub a small amount of fir oil in painful zones.

At last, thanks to the rejuvenating action on organism cells, the fir oil added to cosmetics or used at acceptance of bathtubs does skin elastic, smoothes wrinkles and prevents emergence of the new.


In summary it would be desirable to add that fir oil is not only the fine medical, but also strongly concentrated product!!! Therefore its use, especially at pregnant women and children has to be carried out with care, and it is best of all, after consultation with the expert - the doctor. It will help to prevent allergic reaction, it is correct to pick up a dosage of drug and the best way of influence at this or that disease.

That use of fir oil had the expressed recreational effect, it is necessary to follow strictly recommendations of the expert - the doctor, to follow rules of storage of oil and periods of validity.