Fir Oil. Abies Sibirica Oil.



Types of fir needle oil

1. Natural fir oil.

The oil made by method of steam distillation from needles and young branches of the Fir. As a rule, it is made in the wood or near the wood where the fir grows. Process very labor-consuming and expensive.

Quality of oil is determined by OST 13-221-86. According to OST oil shares on:

- the premium (the maintenance of a bornilatsetat - 33%) for medicine;

- the first grade Brand A (the maintenance of a bornilatsetat - 30%) for perfumery and household chemicals;

- the first grade Brand B (the maintenance of a bornilatsetat - 27%) for perfumery and household chemicals.

The MEGASIB company makes and sells only natural fir oil!

2. Cosmetic fir oil - not natural.

Fir oil of a chemical origin (mixing of several synthetic components, such as izobornilatsetat, turpentine, etc.) . Sometimes, unfair sellers sell such oil as natural! Such cosmetic fir oil is made mixing of izobornilatsetat (completely chemical raw materials), TURPENTINE (zhivichny or other, as natural and synthetic) and other components. As a result the liquid of yellow or dark yellow color which remotely is smelling as natural fir oil and not bearing any useful properties turns out. Such mix CAN not be used for self-treatment and the use inside by no means, it is possible only for an aromatherapy and with big care. The cost of such oil as raw materials is 20-30% cheaper than natural oil. It is offered in unlimited number. As a rule, such (cosmetic, synthetic) fir oil is spilled on butylka by the nebrosovestny companies for decrease in prime cost of goods and offer on retail in drugstores and other places. . To define a difference between natural fir oil and cosmetic to the inexperienced person it is practically not possible. It is necessary to do the complex, developed analysis on components on very good equipment (the gas chromatograph with use of a hromatomassdetektor). Traditional techniques - a chemical way and even the gazo-liquid chromatograph (with not really good column) are not always capable to define authenticity of fir oil since izobrnilatsetat and bornilatsetat (the main component in natural fir oil) are almost identical on boiling temperature, their peaks are nearby and sometimes merge in one.

3. Fakes, falsification of fir oil.

Also, for giving of volume and weight add fat oils to natural fir oil (sunflower, rape, etc.). The main indicator of quality of NATURAL fir oil is percentage of BORNILATSETAT in lump and other important components (Alfapinen, Camphene, Borneol). For definition of qualitative content of the BORNILATSETATA main component in fir oil use the modern equipment, qualitative reactants and the checked techniques. Be careful and always demand the Passport/certificate of QUALITY of the PRODUCER on fir oil!