Fir Oil. Abies Sibirica Oil.



Sale (buy) of fir needle oil

The MEGASIB company is the producer, the supplier and the exporter of natural 100% of fir oil.

Our company is engaged in production of fir oil since 2001 and is the official supplier of pharmaceutical plants of Russia, the neighboring countries and Europe, and also the companies working in the perfumery and cosmetic industry.

We do not spill oil in small bottles. Oil is delivered in plastic container (the canister, a flank) (kg) of 45-100 liters.

In assortment fir oil is presented:

1) the premium (the maintenance of a bornilatsetat - 33%) for medicine;

2) the first grade Brand A (the maintenance of a bornilatsetat - 30%) for perfumery and household chemicals;

3) the first grade Brand B (the maintenance of a bornilatsetat - 27%) for perfumery and household chemicals.


We individually for each client count the price since the price is influenced by a set of conditions.

Packing - a plastic canister, the volume of 50 liters, weighing 45,0 kg - net weight.

Supply of fir oil is carried out only on an advance payment. The size of an advance payment is discussed at the conclusion of the contract.

The goods are insured for the period of transportation.


For calculation of the price we ask to specify in inquiries:

1) necessary amount of fir oil in one delivery (1000,0-2000,0 kg);

2) frequency (how many) deliveries in a year (monthly, quarterly, 2 deliveries a year, single delivery);

3) terms of delivery (CIP);

4) delivery time;


On all questions and specifications of the prices we ask to handle request for e-mail: