Fir needle Oil



Fir needle essential oil

Fir needle oil is received from needles and young escapes of a fir.

People long since use this most valuable extract as disinfecting, cosmetic and a remedy of very high biological activity.

Fir oil - it an environmentally friendly product as the fir can grow only in conditions of crystal-clear air, free from impurity and a smoke of industrial zones.

Such places remained in regions of Krasnoyarsk Krai, Khakassia, the Kemerovo region, Altai and other regions of Eastern Siberia where production of fir oil is conducted.

Renders antiinflammatory, immunomodulatory, radio tire-tread and adaptogenny action. It allows to include with success an aromaterpiya and inhalations with fir oil in complex treatment. Optimizes function of cardiovascular system, especially at exercise stresses, improves processes of conductivity in a myocardium. Promotes normalization of the content of glucose in blood serum. Helps to restore quickly a normal state and health even after a heavy emotional stress.

What is the fir oil?

It is liquid which consists of mix of air of a borneol - a bornilatsetat and a free borneol, and also camphene, turpentine. All these components are taken from fir needles and branches whom call by a fir pad.

Oil has a characteristic resinous smell and has various color shade. Fir oil is transparent light-yellow color liquid.

Liquid differs in a good volatility, that is essential oil.