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Megasib company was founded in 2001.

The main activity of our company is the production and wholesale supply of fir oil.

The idea is constantly evolving, entering new markets and increasing production.

Activity of the company is focused on wholesale constant (monthly) deliveries of qualitative natural fir oil to the production companies in pharmaceutical, perfumery and cosmetic branch.

We have 2-level quality control at all stages of production and finished products.
We guarantee the uniformity of products in the delivery batch (1000,0 kg), and also make sure to do a quality analysis before delivery and leave a control sample of the shipped batch.

Our advantage is the ability to supply natural fir oil of high quality all year round.
We have an individual approach to each client.

We build our relationship trustfully, honestly and openly, offering the best price solutions.
In the near future, the company plans to start production of pine essential oil and cedar essential oil (from Siberia)

MEGASIB company produces and supplies natural essential oils of Siberia (Russia). We produce:
 — Fir needle essential oil (Pine needle Siberia oil, Abies sibirica oil, Pin de Sibérie, Fichte sibirisch, Pino Siberiano), Cas: 8021-29-2;
— Pine Sylvestris essential oil Siberian (Pinus Sylvestris oil, Pin sylvestre, Pino silvestre), Cas: 8023-99-2;
— Cedarwood essential oil Siberian (Cedar oil, Huile essentielle de cèdre, Zeder ätherisches Öl, Olio essenziale di cedro).

MEGASIB produces and supplies natural essential oils of Siberia (Russia) for the perfumery and cosmetic industry in Europe. We deliver our oils directly from the manufacturer throughout the year to all country in the world.

MEGASIB — manufacturer and wholesale supplier of 100% natural essential oils from Siberia (Russia): Fir needle essential oil, Pine Sylvestris essential oil, Cedar essential oil. Delivery of essential oils are carried out throughout Europe, the EU, Germany, Austria, Poland, France, Spain, England, Asia, America, China, India and around the world.