Fir Oil. Abies Sibirica Oil.




The MEGASIB company exists since 2001.

Primary activity of our company is production and wholesale supply of fir oil.

We constantly develop, entering new sales markets and increasing outputs.

Activity of the company is oriented to wholesale continuous (monthly) supply of qualitative natural fir oil to production companies in the pharmaceutical, perfumery and cosmetic industry.

We have the 2nd-level quality control at all production phases and finished goods.

We guarantee uniformity of products in party of delivery (1000,0 kg), and also surely we do the analysis of quality before delivery and we leave check sample of the shipped party.

Our advantage is opportunity all the year round to deliver quality natural fir oil.

We have individual approach to each client.

We build our relationship confidentially, honestly and openly, proposing optimum price solutions.

In the near future the company is going to begin production of pine essential oil and cedar essential oil (from Siberia).